About Bela Pets

Hello everyone, welcome to Bela Pets, the one-stop information destination covering pretty much any and everything that has to do with pets.  Founded in 2020, the driving force behind creating Bela Pets was to simply build an easily accessible resource for pet owners from all across the globe to come to where they can not only become more understanding owners, but better ones as well.

Because our passion for pets is so deep, we thrive to provide only the best information possible and are continuously learning and working each and every day in order to do just that. Making pet owners the best they can be for their little companions is our main mission and will continue to always be that as long as we’re up and running.

With that said, we hope that what we have to offer is helpful for you and your pet and we promise to over deliver in anything that we do so that YOU can continue to thrive as the loving and passionate pet owner that you are.

If you do not see a topic on our site that you need help with, let us know and we might write about it!


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