Are Red Nose Pitbull’s Aggressive? (Answered)

Getting a new dog can be an exciting adventure, and a big responsibility, in someone’s life. A very common breed of dog in the United States is the American Pitbull Terrier, also known as the Red Nose Pitbull.

When taking one of these pups on as pets, you’ll want to do plenty of research to make sure this pup is right for you. One of the biggest questions that people have is, “are red nose pitbulls aggressive?”

Are Red Nose Pitbull’s Aggressive?

With any dog breed, how they are raised and trained defines their temperament and personality. Unfortunately, a common misconception is that all Pit Bulls are aggressive dogs. However, Pit Bulls are naturally affectionate and sweet pets if raised in a loving environment.

The Red Nose Pitbull is a strain of breed thought to originate from Ireland in the early 1800’s. They were bred from English Bulldogs and the redness of their nose is a distinguishing feature that relates them to the Old Family Dog bloodline.

The Irish bred these dogs because of their ferocity and they were often used as working dogs. As they spread across Europe, many people in the United Kingdom and Ireland would use and breed them for bullfighting. This made them gain their reputation as an aggressive, fierce dog.

Today, breeding dogs to fight is illegal in most countries, so it is much less of an occurrence to see a Pitbull fight. This hasn’t stopped many people from being afraid of them, unfortunately.

While Pits are undeniably fierce, and their stocky build and strong jaw point them to be very rugged and strong, they are loving and kind creatures when raised correctly. They are not for beginner dog owners, and require lots of exercise, love, and attention. With this being said, many people refer to them as a “Nanny Dog” because of how gentle they are around children.

Like any other dog though, there are still instances where Pitbull’s can be aggressive even if it isn’t the most common occurrence. In this article we will review what can make them aggressive, and what you can do to change and prevent this behavior.

What Makes Pitbull’s Aggressive?

While in the past Pitbull’s were bred based on their fighting ability, today they are usually a result of random breeding. This means that they are not specifically selected to breed based on how good they are at fighting.

In order to determine whether or not your Pitbull is aggressive, you will have to look at them as an individual dog, not generalize them by their breed.

Pitbull’s will typically start to display signs of aggression between 8 months and 2 years. However, not every Pit will display these signs. It is often only when the dog is introduced to illegal dog fighting that they start to become more violent or dangerous.

Some biological factors can lead to aggression, such as stress in the mother during pregnancy, nutrition received when a pup, or even the temperature of the womb.

When you combine this with poor environmental factors, like unclean housing or improper socialization, it can create a very stressed out pup which can lead to violent behaviors.

It is more common for Pits to be aggressive toward other dogs than it is for them to be aggressive toward humans. Most instances of Pitbull to human violence come when the dog has a history of being abused.

Abuse can range anywhere from hitting, chaining them up constantly, or a lack of supervision and training. They are normally social butterflies when it comes to people when trained correctly, even with children. They are highly energetic though, and do have the potential to knock small children over when excited.

How Do I Stop My Pitbull From Being Aggressive?

It should be noted that Pitbull’s are not for everyone. They require an owner that has plenty of experience in raising other dogs.

This is the number one reason that Pitbull’s are surrendered for being “too aggressive,” when in reality the owner simply failed to train and raise them in the proper way due to ignorance. To avoid aggression, you should obedience train your Pit from day one.

Teach them commands and work with them thoroughly. Do not hit or become violent towards your dog to “teach” them. You should also start socializing them with other people and dogs from a young age, and keep an eye on how they react. This should usually start around 16 weeks of age.

Another great tip to avoid aggression is exercise! Pitbull’s are very energetic and need an outlet for all of that energy. They should get roughly 40 minutes of exercise per day.

Often, when Pits are chained up or kept in the house all day they start to develop more aggressive traits. With exercise, you should also keep them well fed on a healthy diet containing all of the nutrients that they need.

You may also want to neuter or spay your Pitbull. This can stop them from being territorial to a certain extent, but it will not completely cure any aggressive or territorial instinct they may have.

And of course, the undoubtedly best tip for raising your Pitbull correctly is to be patient! They are not going to be perfect overnight and you really need to stay committed to working with them on obedience training to see your desired results. Pitbull’s can be the most loving and affectionate dog you’ll own, but that behavior can only come from you.

Are Pitbull’s Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?

At the root of the question, yes, Pitbull’s are commonly aggressive towards other dogs. Again, this can definitely vary from Pit to Pit for a bunch of different factors, but because of their history of being bred for dog fighting, they often see other dogs more threatening than humans.

While dog aggression is seen in Pitbull’s, the level that every Pit experiences it can vary greatly. When Pits are puppies, they will often get along with any dog. When they start to age is when they become a bit more picky as to which dogs they will interact with.

Genetics and proper training can lead to the amount of dog aggression seen in your Pitbull. Because dog aggression varies between every individual dog, you have to treat your dog based on how they act.

If you know that your Pit does not do well with other dogs, you should try to avoid dog parks or any spaces where a large number of canines may be present. If you see that your dog only does well with Pits of the opposite sex, you may want to avoid getting another Pit of the same sex.

Even though your Pit may show aggression to other dogs, it does not mean that they are any less of a pet. They can still show all of their love to you. They are often only mean to other dogs because they are territorial and want to protect you!

Do Pitbull’s Suddenly Snap?

Snapping is a sign from a Pit, or any breed of dog, that you are doing something that they don’t like. It can also be a sign that their environment is causing stress. Snapping all of a sudden without reason is highly uncommon with Pitbull’s, but that does not mean it will not happen. If your Pitbull is all of a sudden snapping at you or acting out in other aggressive ways, a vet appointment is recommended.

Pits do not become violent out of nowhere, especially to their favorite people. Often, they may be hiding an injury and are trying to protect themselves from getting hurt more. If injury is ruled out, it is also quite possible that the Pit is not being fed enough and may be snapping at you as a way to try and let you know that they are hungry.

While suddenly being snapped at can be alarming and even saddening, know that your dog will not retain this behavior once their stressor is eliminated. It may take trial and error to find out what is bothering your pup, but once it is resolved they usually will go back to being their sweet, cuddly selves.


Pitbull’s have a bad reputation for being aggressive dogs. While they were bred to be that way for bullfighting and dog-on-dog fighting, it is not a trait that every Pitbull will display. Pitbull’s require strict obedience training, lots of exercise, socialization, and most importantly, loving and committed owners.

If they are denied any of these things, aggression can occur. However this should not hinder your interest in a Pitbull as their aggression can be corrected. When you dig a little deeper, you can see Pitbull’s have a history of being very compassionate and gentle to the people they love most.