Do Rottweilers Growl When Happy? (Answered and Explained)

We all love our dogs for their unique attributes. Each breed has a list of quirks that make them desirable companions. One of these breeds is the Rottweiler. They’re famous for being excellent guard dogs, gentle with children, and easily trainable.

They’re also pretty vocal and will let you know if something is wrong, or even if something is right! This could be with a bark, a whine, and even a growl. A growl may be seen as negative, but it isn’t always bad. This makes us wonder, do rottweilers growl when happy?

Do Rottweilers Growl When Happy?

Rottweilers can growl when they are feeling happy or playful, and is known amongst Rottweiler owners as the Rottie rumble. It is different from a threatening growl, but can still startle you at first.

You’ll have to learn to differentiate between the noises your Rottweiler makes. The Rottie rumble can be heard when you’re playing with them, which is a sign that they’re enjoying the activity. It is often compared to a cat purring, and can happen while you pet them or if they’re getting some extra special attention.

Their grumble is a sign of happiness, but can easily turn into a growl. While the grumble may seem alarming at first, you’ll soon be able to tell if your dog is feeling happy versus feeling threatened.

If your dog is grumbling, but then their lips begin to fold back and they show their teeth, they may sense a threat and you’ll want to keep an eye on them.

Other Signs of Happiness in Rottweilers

As with most dogs, Rottweilers have many different signs of happiness that they can display. How they choose to react in any given moment entirely depends on the situation that they are in.

A very tell-”tail” sign that your Rottweiler is happy is tail wagging, or nub wagging if your Rottie has a clipped tail. They tend to do this when one of their loved family members approaches them and gives them attention.

Another less noticeable sign of happiness is a relaxed disposition. Rottweilers are guard dogs by nature, so if they are laying down or snoozing, it’s safe to say they do not feel threatened and are at ease.

Rottweilers are also known to lean up against you, and even jump in your lap when they are in a good mood. They are typically in the 130 pounds range, so be prepared to feel the love of every one of those pounds!

What Makes Rottweilers Happy?

Rottweilers were bred to be hardworking dogs, so naturally nothing makes them happier than having a job to do. Whether this be an actual job, like holding down the fort and protecting you, or some exercise, like accompanying you on a jog, they are eager to do it.

Although exercise may not be your favorite thing, Rottweilers love it and need plenty to keep them stimulated and happy. Lucky for you, there are a variety of different exercises you and your Rottweiler can do together.

These include the basics like taking them on walks and runs, but you can also have fun training your Rottie to do fun things like swimming or tug of war! Speaking of tug of war, your Rottie is going to love to play with you.

They are their happiest when they receive a lot of your attention. Reward them for being a good dog with a game of catch in the yard, and then some loving scratches when you’re done, and they’ll be happy as can be.

Signs Your Rottweiler Isn’t Happy

As animal lovers, our pets are our life and we would do anything to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. This requires catching the signs of an unhappy dog so you can address their problems and get them back to their normal selves.

As we’ve established, Rottweilers are pretty vocal dogs. If they are constantly whining, this could be a sign that they are stressed. With whining can also come panting, lip licking, and aggressive eating. Any of these could be signs your dog is more anxious than normal.

Depression can also be something that is affecting your dog. A sign of this would be a lack of interest in going outside or not playing with the toys that they normally do. The whites of their eyes may also appear to be bigger than they typically are.

Any and all of these signs at a continued rate warrant a vet visit to make sure your Rottweiler is doing okay.

Do Rottweilers Have Mood Swings?

Rottweilers, just like humans, can have mood swings. This will depend on the dog, but it’s commonly seen across the breed. They are susceptible to the nature of their environments just as we are, so if something starts to bother them they can become angry.

Or if their owner comes home after a long day alone, they can suddenly be energetic and happy again. Female Rottweilers will have mood swings due to hormonal imbalances during their heat cycles.

This can be lessened through spaying, but they are typically still a little more moody than males. Mood swings with a female Rottweiler can include only wanting to be cuddled and touched on their own terms, and they’ll let you know when they’re done.

They also can be a little apprehensive when meeting other dogs, especially those of the opposite sex. So in this instance, you may see a mood shift.


Rottweilers are well spoken animals, and they have vocal cues for every mood they feel throughout the day. While this will take some time to get used to, you’ll come to love your Rottie’s rumble and recognize it as their way of expressing happiness. Being able to tell when they’re happy versus when they’re not is useful.

If they’re active and engaged, that’s a good sign they’re doing okay. If they start to lose interest in daily activities or become overly aggressive, you may want to check with a professional to see if anything in particular is causing their behavior.