How to Make Your Dog Smell Good Without a Bath (10 Methods)

We know how tricky it can be to keep your dog smelling fantastic without bathing them constantly, especially if you have a dog who likes to play in dirt and mud.

This can be a very frustrating part of dog ownership, so we are going to be discussing a variety of methods on how to may your dog smell good without a bath.

How to Make Your Dog Smell Good Without a Bath

We have compiled 10 different tips on making your dog smell good without a bath. However, if you have a dog with a long coat, we do recommend bringing them regularly to a groomer to maintain coat and skin health.

Bathing your dog once or twice a month makes it a lot easier to ensure that your dog smells great for as long as possible.

1. Maintaining Clean Bedding

This step is really important to ensure that you have a dog who smells great without needing frequent baths. If your dog sleeps or rests on a bed, mat, blanket, pillow, or any form of cloth material you need to make sure that you are washing it regularly to avoid the build-up of any dirt residue and bacteria.

You should be able to find pet-safe laundry detergents and scent boosters in most stores and online. Regularly cleaning and sanitizing your dog’s crate is important in keeping them smelling pleasant as well as avoiding any health issues due to a dirty crate.

2. Regular Brushing

Regularly brushing your dog’s coat can help to rid them of any built-up dirt that may be contributing to a bad smell. A dog with a medium to long coat should be brushed multiple times daily to avoid matted hair which can begin to smell if not properly removed.

Even brushing your dog with a short coat is beneficial, and most short-haired dogs will enjoy a good daily brushing.

3. Ear Maintenance

Regularly cleaning your dog’s ears is a great way to aid in keeping your dog smelling great. Dog ears can build up bacteria which can eventually lead to ear infections. Cleaning your dog’s ears with a dog-safe ear cleanser removes any gross residue.

This step is especially recommended if you have a dog with long ears. You can purchase a cleanser online or at any pet store, and you should also check with your primary veterinarian for any of their recommendations.

4. Clean Paws Regularly

Cleaning your dog’s paws with warm and soapy water after they come in from being outside is a great way to not only keep your dog smelling good but also your house.

You can keep a small bucket of water mixed with your dog shampoo preference near your door for easy cleaning. We also recommend keeping a rug for your dog to wipe their paws on after being cleaned.

5. Dry Shampoo for Dogs

You can easily find a dry shampoo that has been created for use on dogs! Dry shampoo is a spray that absorbs any oils your pet might have on their coat and has a great scent that lasts for a while.

You need to verify that the product you choose is safe for use on dogs before purchasing! You can find these products at pet supply stores and online.

6. Dog Deodorizing Spray

Deodorizing spray for dogs is a great tool that gets rid of undesirable smells and leaves your pet smelling amazing.

As we mentioned previously, you want to verify that the product is safe for use on dogs before purchasing. You can easily find these products at a variety of pet supply in-store locations as well as online at a variety of affordable price points.

7. Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing wipes are a really handy product that allows you to wipe your dog down instead of giving them a full bath. This product is extremely easy to use, you just cleanse the area of your pet that needs attention and then throw the wipe away!

You can find these products at a wide range of price points and store locations. We recommend verifying that the product you purchase is safe for dogs before using them on your pet.

8. Regular Grooming

Regularly bringing your dog to a professional groomer is a great way of making your dog smell good without needing to bathe them often. Grooming salons work with shampoos and conditioners that have been formulated for safe use on dogs and long-lasting scents.

If your dog has a long coat, we recommend bringing them to the groomer two times a month to keep its coat as healthy as possible. If your dog has a short coat, bringing them to a groomer just once a month can help keep them smelling great with minimal work on your end.

9. Waterless Shampoo

If your pet starts smelling pretty bad but you just don’t feel like giving them a full bath, you can easily use waterless shampoo to freshen their coat up.

Waterless shampoo is a soap that you can work into the coat of your pet and then leave it to dry. This product is great for keeping your dog smelling great for as long as possible before really needing a bath.

10. Better Quality Food

Better quality dog food can help improve not only the overall health of your pet but also helps to keep their coat shiny and healthy. Brands like Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin, and Hills Science Diet have been recommended by veterinarians for years, and they also offer diets that have been developed to help promote a healthy coat.

You may also want to reach out to your primary veterinarian to ask if they have recommendations for supplements for healthy coats.


We hope you enjoyed this list of 10 tips on how to make your dog smell good without a bath! We want you to keep in mind that the regular grooming of your dog is a great way to keep their coats healthy and smelling great.

If your pet seems to be having skin issues that are contributing to their smell, we recommend bringing them in for an appointment with their veterinarian.