Can I Put a Diaper on My Puppy at Night? (Answered)

When finding the potty training method that is best for you and your puppy, you should research as many options as you can to make an informed decision. In this article, we will be answering the question: Can I put a diaper on my puppy at night?

We will also detail a few tips and tricks about puppies and how to properly let them wear a diaper, as well as important health and wellness tips for pups who wear diapers. We hope you find this article helpful!

Can I Put a Diaper on My Puppy at Night?

You can leave a diaper on your puppy at night, but if the diaper is left on for too long your puppy may develop some discomfort and possible health issues like UTIs. It is also important to be aware of any health issues your puppy may have before introducing them to diapers.

If you do plan on letting your puppy wear a diaper at night, we recommend placing the diaper on your pup right before you go to bed, and then again throughout the night if at all possible to avoid any discomfort.

You should acclimate your puppy to wearing a diaper before making them wear it. You can do this by setting a diaper out in the area your puppy is in and giving them a treat when they show interest in it.

Once they are used to the sight and smell, you can begin putting the diaper on your dog for very short 1-2 minute intervals, treating and praising them heavily. You can begin to increase the time that they wear the diaper until they are fully adjusted to the feel.

Remember, you don’t want to just immediately force your puppy to wear a diaper because this could give them negative connotations to diapers, and they will not enjoy wearing them.

If diapers don’t seem like a great option for you, there are puppy potty pads available on the market, and they come in disposable pads as well as reusable ones!

How Long Can You Leave a Doggy Diaper On?

You can leave a doggy diaper on for 3-4 hours at a time. You should continually check the diaper for any waste and change it as soon as you can if your puppy has gone to the bathroom.

Just like babies, puppies can get rashes or other forms of irritation if they sit in a dirty diaper for too long. You can purchase reusable canine diapers at any pet supply store, which is more affordable and better for the environment than disposable diapers.

You can just toss a used diaper in the washing machine or hand wash if you prefer. Ensure that you do not use a laundry detergent that could flare up any allergies your puppy may have.

How Do I Get My Puppies Diaper to Stay On?

You can get your puppy’s diaper to stay on by ensuring you have purchased the correct size and getting them acclimated to wearing the diaper as we mentioned previously. There are endless types of doggy diapers that are available on the market!

You can purchase a suspender-like doggy diaper that attaches to your puppy’s collar, making it stay on your puppy more effectively. You can also purchase a belly band that was created for dogs, and place this product on top of your pup’s diaper.

If you cannot find this product, you can try placing strips of tape over the sticky diaper taps, which will make it harder for your dog to pull the diaper off of themselves.

Puppy diaper pants are a product that looks like a onesie for dogs but has a built-in diaper. This product is machine washable and reusable and can be purchased at any pet supply store.

Are Puppy Diapers Good for Potty Training?

Generally, trainers and veterinarians do not recommend puppy diapers for potty training, but that does not mean you cannot use this method. Potty training is the act of training your puppy to go to the restroom in your desired area.

This could be an indoor puppy pad or a specific spot in an outside area. Puppy diapers can be used to ensure that your puppy has no accidents in the home when you cannot bring them to their potty spot frequently.

If you are exploring diapers due to incontinence issues in your puppy despite having potty trained them, we highly recommend seeking veterinary care to eliminate any concerning underlying health issues, and they may have recommendations for specific types of diapers that may work best for your pet.

If you decide to use diapers on your puppy during their potty training, you need to make sure that you are consistently training them, and not relying on the diaper.

If you do not stick with the potty training and instead rely on the diaper, your puppy will not understand where the appropriate potty spot is.

How to Tell if Your Puppy is in Discomfort?

If your puppy is licking, scratching, or biting at their diaper area, and the skin looks red and irritated, this is a tell-tale sign that your pup is having some discomfort.

If your puppy begins to exhibit this behavior, we recommend taking the diaper off of your puppy, cleaning the area very well with pet-safe soap, and giving the area a break by not putting the diaper back on until the irritation has subsided.

UTIs are a common issue found in diaper-wearing dogs, and this can only be fixed with treatment from a licensed veterinarian.

If you notice that your puppy has been squatting to pee frequently with little output, or if they begin to have red-tinged urine, you will need to bring your puppy in for an examination as well as run tests on their urine to determine if your pet is having any bladder issues.

Some diapers may have added fragrances that can irritate your puppy’s skin, so we highly recommend keeping a good eye on your puppy’s skin to verify no irritation occurs.


In this article, we discussed a range of tips and tricks about puppies wearing diapers, and we were able to answer the question: Can I put a diaper on my puppy at night?

If your puppy begins to show any concerning symptoms, we recommend bringing them to a licensed veterinary clinic as soon as possible. We hope you are able to use some of these tips in your puppy’s potty training adventure and wish you the best of luck!