How to Get a Cat off of a Roof (8 Different Tips and Advice)

Cats are known to be inquisitive, explorative, and independent animals. This means that cats are often getting into places that they should not be getting into. In this article, we will be discussing a few tips and tricks about how to get a cat off of a roof.

8 Ways on How to Get a Cat Off of a Roof

Luring a cat off of a roof can be extremely difficult if you do not have the right tools. We have listed some tips, tricks, and helpful tools that may be able to assist you in getting a cat off of your roof.

1. Utilizing a Ladder

A ladder is the first tip we have for you. You need to be able to access your rooftop to remove the cat that has taken up residence there. We recommend being as safe as possible while climbing on your roof, and having a few extra people to help you in case you need more assistance.

Cats are quick-tempered and normally extremely anxious animals, so you will want to be as gentle and non-threatening as possible.

If the cat seems very agitated with you, we recommend leaving them alone for a few minutes and removing yourself from the situation so they can relax themselves, and try again later.

2. Humane Trap

Cat-safe traps are another great option that you may find useful. If a cat is on your roof and refusing to let you catch it, you can purchase a small animal trap at any farm or feed supply store and put enticing food inside of it.

Verify that you have the trap set up correctly before leaving it. You will want to periodically check the trap to make sure the cat is not inside of it for too long, as this can make them very angry and hard to handle. Prioritizing the cat and your safety is extremely important during this process.

If the cat is allowing you to come near it, but will not let you safely handle it, you can invest in a cat-safe net. This tool allows you to safely capture the cat, but we do recommend having a safe transport method.

A sturdy carrier, box, or even a thick towel or blanket can be handy when taking the cat off of the roof. Remember to check the carrier to ensure it is very secure before placing the cat inside.

3. Food & Treats

Using your cats favorite food or treats is a great way to lure them to you so you can safely remove them from the roof. If the cat is a stray, you can purchase a can of wet food from any store.

If the food has a strong scent, this may encourage the cat to go up to the food, making it easier to capture them. You can place food inside of a trap, which can also be helpful in capturing them.

Providing the cat with drinking water is important, as we want to make sure the cat does not get dehydrated, which can cause health issues. Wet food has high water content, so this is another great way to ensure that the cat is getting a good amount of hydration.

4. Fire Department

We are sure you have seen a firefighter rescuing animals from trees and high places that the cat has gotten stuck in. You can call your local fire department, explain the situation, and they may be able to send someone out to retrieve the stuck cat.

If they are unable to send someone, they will normally have recommendations of other resources that can assist you. There are rescues throughout the country that rescue helpless animals, but it may be difficult to find someone immediately.

You can use social media and post in any community groups for your area, and someone may be able to assist you.

5. Call Animal Control

Animal control is a great resource for retrieving trapped animals. You can generally call the animal control center during their business hours and they may be able to send an animal control officer to your house to assist in removing the cat from the roof.

If you are unable to get in contact with your local animal control center, you can call your local veterinary clinic. They may be able to provide you with helpful tips, and may even have a recommendation for someone who could come to your home for assistance.

6. Used Litterbox

Placing your cats used litter box in the area that they are hiding can encourage them to come out of hiding. Keep in mind that the litterbox must have been used, this allows your cat to catch the scent and may even comfort them and de-stress them enough for easy capture.

You can place as many litterboxes as you can in this area, but we recommend placing a litterbox by your front or back door as well, in case they decide to come down off of the roof on their own volition.

7. Bed & Blanket

If your cat has beds and blankets that they nap or relax on regularly, you can place these items on the roof. This will encourage your cat to come out of hiding to de-stress on the items that have their scent on it.

You can also place a comfortable hiding place on the roof. You can use a box or carrier that they are comfortable with and place their blankets, toys, food, and water in here. Your cat may determine that this area is safe, and allows for easier removal.

Placing a box like this by your front or back door is another suggestion that we highly recommend.

As we mentioned previously, if your cat decided to come off of the roof by themselves, having an optional hiding space close to your home with their favorite items can encourage them to stay in that area until you are able to bring them inside again.

8. Patience

Patience is extremely important during this process. Felines are easily startled and can lash out if they are overwhelmed and frightened. It may take a few days for your cat to calm down enough to let you capture them, so try not to rush this process.

If you go about capturing your cat the wrong way, they can injure themselves as well as you, and may end up being traumatized. Keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race!


In this article, we provided you with tips an tricks about how to a cat off of a roof. We recommend taking this process as slow as possible to avoid scaring your cat off. If the cat on your roof is a stray, we recommend calling animal control for removal and rehoming.