How to Get a Cat Out From Under the House (7 Tips!)

Indoor cats are great companions, but they may be curious about the outside world and escape from their residence. In this article, we will be giving you tips and tricks about how to get a cat out from under the house. We hope you find this article helpful, and we wish you luck!

How to Get a Cat Out From Under the House

Having a cat stuck under your house can be stressful, especially if it is your personal indoor cat. Try not to stress, we have compiled a list of helpful tips that you may find useful.

1. Bribery

Bribery is a great way to encourage your cat to come out of hiding. You are going to want to pull out their favorite treat that they cannot pass up. If your cat is not big on treats, you can crack open a can of wet food and see if this works.

We recommend placing a bowl of fresh and clean water in their vicinity, so they can stay hydrated. You can grab their favorite toy, we think a longer string toy would be the best tool in this situation.

When you have a good toy on hand, you can walk around the edge of your house with it, calling your cat’s name while attempting to get them interested in the toy.

If your cat does come out from under the house, make sure you do not make any harsh movements or loud noises that could potentially scare them back into their hiding place.

2. Traps

There is a wide variety of feline-safe traps that could be useful in this situation. You can find a trap for smaller animals at most farm and feed supply stores. You are going to want to put very enticing food in the trap, and possibly even their favorite bed or toy.

If your cat wanders into the trap to eat the food you set out, the trap will shut immediately (if set up correctly). We recommend checking the trap throughout the night to make sure you haven’t accidentally captured an unwanted animal.

Nets are another extremely useful tool that can assist in capturing a cat. If you are able to coax your cat out from under the house, but they will not let you near to pick them up, you can use a net to gently capture them.

This ensures that your cat will not be able to run back under your house. We suggest having a sturdy carrier or thick towel on hand to aid you in bringing them safely back into your house.

Remember, cats are anxious little creatures and we do not want you getting injured while capturing a lost and anxious cat.

3. Animal Control

Animal control is an option to consider if you are unsuccessful in luring a cat out from under your house. Before calling though, there are some things to keep in mind.

It’s recommended you have your cats updated vaccination records on hand because most states do require an updated rabies vaccination, and you can get fined or have your animal taken if they are not up to date on certain vaccinations.

If the cat that is stuck under your house is a stray, you can call animal control and they should be able to trap the cat and then bring it to a shelter or rescue group to get veterinary care and find them a loving home.

Sometimes animal control employees are busy and will not have the time to come out, but they will generally have helpful information to share with you or a recommendation for a different group able to capture cats.

4. Rescue Groups

Who to call when a cat is stuck under the house? You may be able to find a rescue group in your area that could potentially help you in your efforts, but you would have to do research and make a few calls. Additionally, local animal control or firefighters might be able to provide assistance in such situations. Remember to remain calm and patient as you seek the appropriate help for the cat in distress.

Sometimes there will be animal rescue organizations that were created for capturing animals that need help, and if they are stray, the rescue group will get them any necessary medical care and set them up with a foster home until they are adopted.

We recommend reaching out to your local veterinary clinic, which will have a wealth of information and helpful tips for getting a cat out from under a house. They may even have recommendations for people to go out to your house and assist you!

5. Wait It Out

Cats are picky creatures who are known for being curious, but also anxious at times. A cat that is not used to being outside will be very nervous and may take a few days to calm down and come out from under the house.

If you have patience, keep fresh food and water in their vicinity, and continually talk to them, they may be able to calm themselves down enough to come out from their hiding place.

We know that waiting for your cat to come out on their own terms can be stressful for you, but your cat is even more stressed, and patience is very important.

You do not want to accidentally traumatize your cat by forcing them out of their hiding spot and risk them running away completely.

6. Comfort Items

Comfort items that your cat is familiar with may be helpful as well. You can set up a feline safe trap as we discussed previously, and add their favorite bed, blanket, or an article of clothing that smells like you.

This may encourage your cat to come out of their spot and go lay down on their comfort item, which allows you to trap your cat and safely get them back into their house.

If your cat has a favorite toy, you can use this to your advantage as well! We recommend setting a trap up with their favorite comfort items, their preferred food, a comforting toy, and fresh water.

You can also sit outside and speak with your cat, as the sound of your voice may be comforting to them.

7. Litter Box

Placing your cat’s used litter box in the area where they are hiding, especially if they are stuck under the house, is a great way to attempt to lure them out of the secluded spot. They will be able to smell their scent in the litterbox, recognize that it belongs to them, and may even decide to use the litter box.

You can place the used litter box in a trap if your cat seems to be motivated to use it. If you have multiple litter boxes for your cat, you can also place one by your front door.

You should consider setting up a cozy hiding place for your cat by the front door as well. You can place a box next to your door filled with their favorite bed and blanket and a little bit of food.


In this article we discussed a variety of tips and tricks about how to get your cat out from under the house. We hope you found this article useful, and wish you the best of luck during your feline rescue!