Why Does My Cat Bite the Corner of My Phone?

As any cat owners know, cats are quite feisty animals. They love to bite, chew, and play with most things they can get their paws and teeth on. However, you might be noticing your cat trying to take a bite out of your phone fairly regularly. This behavior is especially typical when their owners are on their phones. If you find this happening frequently, there are a few explanations and solutions you can try.

So, why does my cat bite the corner of my phone? The most likely reason is that they’re seeking attention. Although cats are relatively self-sufficient pets, attention is something that they still crave. If you’re spending a lot of time on your phone, they may also bite it because they see it as competition. 

Our phones are often one of our biggest distractions. It’s where we communicate, entertain ourselves, and even get work done. So, it’s no wonder that your cat might start to get jealous of the attention you’re giving your phone. In this article we’ll explore the reasons why, and tactics to stop your cat from biting. 

Your Phone is Competition

Cat biting mobile phone
Cat biting mobile phone | Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay

Cats are quite clever animals, and they pick up on more than you may realize. So, if you’re spending a lot of time on your phone, you can be confident that your furry friend will take note. 

While cats may seem more independent than dogs, they still get attached to their owners and want your attention throughout the day. Because of this, if you’re spending a good chunk of your day on the phone, they may start to get jealous and even see the phone as competition.

This might sound strange, but notice what your cat is doing. Most likely, your cat only goes for your phone when you are using it. While they may play with a phone, like any other object, out of boredom, you’ll probably see that usually they leave your phone alone when you aren’t on it.

However, once you’re actively using your phone, it’s a different story. They may bite it, swat at it, sit in front of it, or lay on top of it, all to redirect the attention back to where it should be—them. 

There’s probably a good reason you’re on your phone, but your cat won’t see that. They just see that something is taking up their owner’s attention, so they’ll do whatever they can to get you off it. 

So, if you notice your cat is frequently biting your phone while you’re on it, this is probably a sign that they want your attention. It also shows that they see your phone as a competition and want to try and get rid of it. Annoying as it may be, the cat’s phone biting antics come from a place of love. They want you to spend time with them instead of your screen. 

How Much Attention Does Your Cat Need?

The best way to avoid this kind of biting behavior from your cat is to make sure they’re getting enough attention. Now, how much attention your cat needs will depend on its age, breed, and personality. The kind of attention they want will also vary.

For example, a kitten or young cat will require a lot more active playtime. In contrast, an older cat may just prefer to cuddle up in your lap while you pet and fuss over them. Either way, the important thing is that your cat gets enough one on one attention from you to feel cared for. 

As a cat owner, you should be giving them at least 20 minutes of one on one attention a day. Cats have a wide range of personalities, so this number will vary. Just keep it in mind as a starting point. It’s essential for this time to be spent with your cat. If you’re half playing with them and half on your phone, they’ll notice. That’s when you may find your cat pouncing.

Depending on your cat’s personality, it will require more or less attention. The good news is that cats are pretty good at making their wants known. To see if your cat needs more attention, look for signs like excessive meowing.

Again, vocalizing depends on your cat breed. Oriental breeds specifically are quite loud when they want attention. If you have a more quiet cat, they may just try to get in the way of your work.

Getting in front of or laying on top of your book, laptop, phone, or whatever you’re looking at is a good indicator your cat wants you to look at them instead. You may also notice your cat pawing at you or rubbing up against you. If your cat begins knocking things over, scratching, or otherwise behaving more destructive than usual, that’s another sign. 

If you notice your cat displaying any of these behaviors or attacking your phone, you may want to set aside a few extra minutes of quality time. 

How to Stop Your Cat Biting Your Phone

Cat seriously biting a phone
Cat seriously biting a phone | Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay

Cat jealousy can be tricky to deal with, but there are ways you can alleviate the feline’s jealousy. You can use these same tactics, whether your cat is jealous of your phone, another pet, or a new person. 

Spending Time With Your Cat

The first and probably best option is giving your cat more attention. Cat’s are less likely to feel jealous of the time you spend on your phone if they get plenty of quality time with you. Try getting interactive toys to play with your cat, pet them frequently, and take time to cuddle with them. 

Giving Your Cat Space

Another important piece to improving your cat’s behavior is making sure that they have enough personal space. While it’s true that cats need your attention, they’re still somewhat independent creatures. It’s vital that your cat feels like they have an area of your house they can go to and be alone.

If they don’t have a place to call their own, cats are more likely to feel competitive, territorial, and aggressive. If they perceive that you are invading their space when you’re on your phone, it’s quite expected for them to lash out at your phone.

Making this private area for your cat can mean putting up a cat tree or other items for your cat to climb on. Put their favorite toys, comfy items, and a covered area for them to hide away in this space.

The most important piece is letting that part of the house belong only to the cat. If you leave them alone while in that area, then they’ll learn to go there when they want to be alone. This should help them be less aggressive towards you, your family, other pets, or even your phone when out of their area. 

Train Them to Accept Your Phone

It would be great if we could all stop what we’re doing every time our pet wants attention, but that’s just not realistic. Sometimes you need to be on your phone, and it’ll be better for you and your cat if they just accept that.

To help this process, try to make it so that your being on your phone doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to them. You can pet them with one hand while on your phone with the other. Or, give them treats, so they have a good association with it.

If what you’re doing on your phone requires your full attention, you could always leave your cat with some toys and ways to entertain itself, then go into another room with your phone. 

Other Reasons for Biting

Cheerful cat
Cheerful cat | Image by stuartho from Pixabay

Although attention-seeking is one of the most likely reasons your cat is trying to bite your phone, there are other possibilities. It could be something as simple as the way your phone looks, attracting your cat. 

The light of the phone screen or your phone cover may visually intrigue and attract your cat. Just like a laser light on the wall, your cat’s attention to your phone may just be due to the light, color, and motion. 

Your cat could also be seeing your phone as a toy or as its prey. As you move your phone around, it’s only natural for your cat to notice the motion. Phones are relatively small, they make sound, and we’re continually moving them just like a toy your cat would typically attack and play with. They could even be seeing you holding the phone as you trying to play with them. 

Cats also have a great sense of smell. Since your phone will likely smell like you, that scent can attract the cat to your phone even when it’s not in your hand. 


Although cats are solitary at times, any cat is going to need your attention. Whether it sees your phone as competition or something to play with, biting is a pretty good sign that your cat wants some extra love. 

Even though your cat acting out this way and biting can be annoying, keep in mind that it’s most likely just because they want to spend time with you. Try to be patient and give your pet some extra love and attention, so it knows that it’s your real priority.